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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Am I Healthier ?

B.C.'s cholesterol is down, I have lost 5 lbs., I am more energetic, and my mood is really improving ( we know how I have been the last month). Why? I have a new life coach that is teaching me how to choose foods that are good for me. How to read past all the ( false ) claims on food labels. How to just balance my life, and in the right direction. She is not pushy, She does not make me feel bad ( like this morning when she called and I was pulling into McDonald's) and she makes it easy . Who is this wonder woman, this goddess, this where have you been all my life person???? O.K. it's Christine my daughter and I am her first client on the start of a new wonderful business. Christine developed a interest in eating clean, and protecting the environment that turned into a passion to help others feel as good as she did. So I am proud ( and feeling good) to introduce a site to make us all stop and respect our bodies and good health. Please check out her web page and sign up for her newsletter, even follow her on Facebook ( designed and executed by Mike Collins , now I am double proud) ( he even designed her logo and did the photography: and they get along!!! ) I think I will be 18 till I die, and was that a smile I saw on B.C. this morning?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where have I been?

I know I have been MIA for a while but I just could not post. Not with the negative feelings I was experiencing. I am normally a very upbeat person, loving my work, loving my customers, but when you feel betrayed it hurts. O.K. I am not Pollyanna, I don't feed the hungry or work for peace in the world, but I do believe in honesty. I think if every one would just be truly honest, what a great place this earth would be. When a clerk gives you too much change give it back. We strive to be honest with all our clients, work really hard to make each project the best it can be. When B.C. and I moved to N.J. and started Painted River Studios we wanted to have a business that we could put our heart and soul in; run without lots of employees, and enjoy our customers. I think we accomplished just that. We have made so many special friends along the way, and I truly treasure each and every one of you. But when you feel used its like hitting a brick wall. You start wondering why you do this, why you give so much of your self in each job. You think, "am I crazy, why am I putting in so many hours , taking away from my family". When feeling at my lowest a client & friend gave me a wonderful gift, just because, and friendship is developing with another new client, who is so easy to work with. So I will be back, my faith in people will continue. Just need a little time to regroup. It really is a wonderful world.
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