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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Love My Rooms In Print

A new design book on show houses is OUT, and I have four, yes four rooms in it

The craftsman cottage guestroom. This house was in Cape May N.J., the mural was hand painted, and was taken from a true craftsman border just blown up, so it was fun, contemporary in feel.
This was the Stellar Cellar, the home of Skinny D'Amato , a life long friend of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and many more...

I know as soon as I publish this blog a friend with the initials Mitch, will be calling screaming that's my room, That's Entertainment! Yes Mitch it's in print and you need a book for your coffee table.

This was last years show house , "Out of the Blue" A family suite.
Check out the Photographer, a real family affair. I probably should have had Mike take these pictures, sorry I know they stink.

"Showhouses 2 A Decorators Tour" sells for $45.00 and is available through the publisher at Schifferbooks or your local bookstore as well as numerous online retailers. It really is filled with lots of crazy good ideas for your home. You know how intense we decorators get at showhouses.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Heads In The Sand

I missed telling you about another great new (well issue four) online magazine, RUE. I thoroughly enjoyed this new issue, with lots of decorating ideas, fun projects, and recipes. It is geared to the young, but remember Eighteen Till I Die.............

Don't miss British Designer Christina Strutt, I love her home. I am always drawn to the "undecorated" look England's homes have. The rooms seem like a very talented person gathered common items and created comfortable, easy to be in, special places. I want to curl up and read a book in each spot.
I need to nap, right now , here, with the sunlight streaming in.....
This is the stove I should be cooking on.
And I just put away my doll house cause I thought it looked junky.

Another fun house belongs to Blogger Bailey McCarthy, Peppermint Bliss
Loving the use of just a touch of raspberry color in this serene green bedroom.
I am always crazy for anything dog.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blow - Up's

Leave it to famed English photographer Tim Walker to capture 18th and 19th century portraits of Baroness de Rothschild, Madame de Pompadour, and other nobles, bursting out of there frames to fill the walls of England's Glemham Hall. While I love big art that makes a statement, and have always wanted to paint a mural of Ladies in waiting in a dressing room, I think I would be creeped out having Frederick Gustaves Burnaby watching me. See more in the April issue of W magazine.
Does any one have a dressing room that needs a little something?

I would be spooked with this one.

A few more of the outlandish, creative photos from Tim Walker. How does his head work????? He has a book out of his work, I might just have to get.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Saint Patricks Day

I grew up with the name Stuebing but was always told by my Dad that I was 90% Irish. So this blog is in honer of my Dad, who always celebrated this holiday in a special way. This man who I felt honored and important to be included in a toast of green beer. A man with a very loud voice ( ask B.C. I inherited it) that could have the attention and respect of an entire troop of men but at the same time knew how to tie the bows on my sisters and my dress so as not to hurt our backs. I was the fifth girl who if I was a boy they would name me Michael Owen so I could sign my name Michael O' Stuebing. They named me Michele and still had a Mikie. He could tell the best bedtime stories, and never did I see him pass a baby with out holding them. He was a man's man who new his soft side. Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes I'm Wild about American Style.

Yesterday my April issue of House Beautiful Magazine came and I caught the cover headline " Wild About American style". Hmmmm what is American style? The English have chintz a mix of pattern, collections,and classic worn overstuffed furniture. The French look is elegant with a touch of nature, antiques, gilded elements and faux finishes. What is American? You, that's it you, and what ever is your passion. How wonderful to live in a country that respects all of us and our likes and dislikes. You can wear a mini skirt or a maxi and still be in fashion. Dress like the 70's or 80's and be IN STYLE, just be your self. That's all that is required be yourself. If you check out all of April's home magazines you will see that if it is authentic, if it is you, than show it off. I think that is 2011 "be yourself", if you love a neutral palette than screw color, if contemporary and clean lines excite you than go for it. I was in a customers home ( my favorite client,(you may remember her living room) and I discovered tables filled with books on the sea, with nautical things and sea glass. I was inspired, I love to see a glimpse of someone in her home. I like stuff and things , but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a modern home. So when you decorate skip what is in, and focus on what is you. It's the American style.
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