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Friday, March 4, 2011

O.K. It's official

You can order a color swatch from Amazon for $8.25
Look Painted River Studios is right in style with our sunsets, I would call that honeysuckle.

This is the honeysuckle they are referring to not the wild variety.

I read about it in Traditional Homes, House Beautiful, blogs and more blogs, but now It's official. It was in the Atlantic City Press! Honeysuckle, (not the pale yellow you expect when you here that name, but a shocking bright pink coral), is the color of the year for home fashion. Pantone announced it earlier this year, saying it will replace the color turquoise as an accent in home fashion. Pantone Color Institute sets the standards for the fashion and home industries. Hmmmm, I am not a pink person, maybe in a teen room, or as an accent in a beach house, but I might be persuaded. How do you think B.C. will look in this hue?

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