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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving cookies

Christine's masterpiece, but the initials are wrong it's Christine Mary Collins

Fire Works
A stop light or Italian flag ?
Pollock masterpiece
I was serious
WINNER, The incredible hulk turkey by Jason
This is @ turkey . com

I am sitting here almost in the dark thinking is Thanksgiving another cruel and unusual punishment given to women. I sometimes think of God up there saying to Peter, Let's see peter if we give them teenagers and menopause at the same time that should really throw them. But it doesn't, there isn't much than can throw us. We, are the holidays, we are the family traditions, and I would not trade that responsibility for all the sleep in the world. I must admit that after creating a fun pre Thanksgiving dinner of pizza, wings, dips, and chips ( remember I have been cooking dishes and desserts since about 7:30 AM ) B.C. says what else do you have to eat I'm still hungry. Well I was almost ready to throw in the towel, but I stopped, and listened to my sweet children continuing our family tradition of hand painting Turkey cookies. When they were little they were sooooo serious about creating beautiful masterpieces, now well I will leave the rest to your imagination. But their laughter and red assing around ( as my Dad would say) made me realize that my job has rewards and I'm doing a good job. So Happy Thanksgiving to all, and my last thought of the evening is WHERE IS MY MOMMY?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Relaxed Hollywood Glamour

This Sherman Oaks CA house is amazing. It's Glamour at its best, and still contemporary. Don't you just crave that chandelier? The first three photos are from Meade Design Group

And another chandelier to desire! I am noticing intimate seating arrangements. Is that part of the Glamour look?

We can look at Glamour in a contemporary form, even a nursery. ( I can only hope)

O.K. even the Dogs are in.

Came across a a article on Meade Design Group in a industries news article and WOW I love there " Hollywood Glamour" look for a home in California. The home was designed for a single woman with grown children, but I think the Glamour look is in. My daughter loves this look for her new home . So I think I will explore just what is possible with sophisticated,understated , glamours, shiny, decor. It isn't fussy, much of it has clean contemporary lines. I think it is the right fabrics, solid silks, velvets, feel good to the touch fabrics. If any prints they are quiet, nothing to disturb the mood. Shine is important, not too much but a little chrome, silver, metallic or mirror surface helps. Color - purple the color of kings, soft neutrals. Nothing to jarring you want to feel relaxed and in the mood. I think Glamour can be personal, what makes you feel pampered, special and spoiled?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What To Do With That Old Suitcase?

We all love using suitcases piled as end tables, or extra storage on top of a cabinet. But I was surprised to see one as a chair. Designer Katie Thompson of Recreate Recycles , uses this case for an absolutely adorable chair. I can see planning a guest room around it. I love themed guest rooms.
So I found more examples of suitcases turned chairs.
Even the animals are in on it.

Every chair needs an ottoman.

And now I need a drink.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Shack

B.C. is thinking What the &*#* did I do.

This is the reason we loved the property. Six acres on the water with a beach. It also has a small cottage on the property. Just right for play house or bunk house for grand children.....

The house, not so good.

But we started, we can do this.
Just a few roofs and a new entrance. Landscaping helps.

Tile in the new foyer.
Tile in the kitchen.

Check out old bath v/s new bath, and hardwood in the living area.

Last spring B.C. and I toyed with the idea of buying an investment property to renovate and flip. I know you are saying in this market you are crazy !!!! Well we don't always follow proper procedure so we did it . We bought the SHACK or that's our pet name for it. The six acres on the water with a beach was irresistible to us. The house built in 2001 was not irresistible. It was a ranch on top of a garage of cinder blocks with no entrance. The inside was so basic and cheap I wondered WHAT WERE WE DOING. So with a limited budget ( not my idea) we made this place so fantastic that I want to leave B.C. to live there. This house just has good vibes, it feels right. We are 99% there and ready to ( with regret) put it on the market. I promise to show pictures when it's all complete.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wile E. Coyote vs. Spike

Spike had a little run in with Wile E. Coyote. He is fine after a few visits to the Emergency Vet's $$$$$$$$$$$. I think he has a plan, and I'm backing him.
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