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Monday, November 22, 2010

Relaxed Hollywood Glamour

This Sherman Oaks CA house is amazing. It's Glamour at its best, and still contemporary. Don't you just crave that chandelier? The first three photos are from Meade Design Group

And another chandelier to desire! I am noticing intimate seating arrangements. Is that part of the Glamour look?

We can look at Glamour in a contemporary form, even a nursery. ( I can only hope)

O.K. even the Dogs are in.

Came across a a article on Meade Design Group in a industries news article and WOW I love there " Hollywood Glamour" look for a home in California. The home was designed for a single woman with grown children, but I think the Glamour look is in. My daughter loves this look for her new home . So I think I will explore just what is possible with sophisticated,understated , glamours, shiny, decor. It isn't fussy, much of it has clean contemporary lines. I think it is the right fabrics, solid silks, velvets, feel good to the touch fabrics. If any prints they are quiet, nothing to disturb the mood. Shine is important, not too much but a little chrome, silver, metallic or mirror surface helps. Color - purple the color of kings, soft neutrals. Nothing to jarring you want to feel relaxed and in the mood. I think Glamour can be personal, what makes you feel pampered, special and spoiled?

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