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Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Dressed

I do not report on fashion, but I was blown away by this 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld, nominated for Best Actress in "True Grit". From the headband that toned down the up-do, to the palest of pink dress, she won best dressed for me. So age appropriate.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary Blog Two Day's Late

So I missed my anniversary date , (February 23) but I did not miss the opportunity to prove I could write a blog that people enjoyed. Me,yes me,who never thought of herself as a writer, who never could use the computer, no less download a photo. Me who cant spell worth beans. Me who runs a business,paints commission works on the side, and cleans, cooks, and cares for two children a son in law, a husband, and a dog. But I did it and I have enjoyed every minute of it. So thank you Christine for setting me up to blog, having the faith in me to do this. Thank you Michael for all your one hour computer lessons, my unbelievable web page, and your patients. A special kiss to B.C. for putting up with me calling him B.C., and using him in my humor. Dotty my sister who is now addicted to blogs, and everyone who has read them. I will continue to grow in this next year, learning to network my blog and twitter. Hopefully bringing more useful and interesting material to my readers.

"I learned this, at least by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of (her) dreams, and endeavors to live the life which (she) has imagined; (she) will meet with a success unexpected in common hours,"
Henry David Thoreau

The Studio is Finished

When B.C. left for fishing last week the studio looked like this. Well, welcome home B.C. (on my new blackboard wall)
Mr. and Mrs Russell, my first customers in the NEW studio. They were looking for a cozy room that they could feel free to jump around in. I think we can help.
TA DA !!!!!! he was speechless, I could see $$$$$ going on in his head. Remember Ikea and only $802.00 a miracle.

It is still a working studio so I need a painting corner.
The next step will be a new sofa and chairs from Lee, maybe in a linen. But for now I just removed the slipcovers, gave it a more contemporary feel.

Now I can paint up a storm. I love the storage bins that hang from rods, holds all my brushes, pencils, erasers,etc. etc. etc..
I hope B.C. does not mind sitting next to me. The floor plan did not work well with two desk areas.

Now my customers can have a seat and I can present without climbing all over the floor.
There are still lots of things to tweak, but I am pleased, just hope B.C. will start talking.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pet picks

Check out for a perfect hostess , or housewarming gift. I think I might just award myself the New jersey tote.

Another really fun site is Stray Dog Designs I am loving their whimsical accessories, lighting , and furniture.

I am just craving this cute drum table.
I can see this mirror in a girls room.
The bird cage chandelier may have to be in the new studio, I need a bit of whimsy!
And a few of the bird sculptures on a table. Did they get loose?
Very late 60's I think I had matching earrings

Monday, February 21, 2011

Color accent?

I worked very hard this weekend on the studio re-do and I must say I am loving the gray floors. Just look at what I built, a desk, a file cabinet, and bookcases (not shown) I am very proud ! I think it is coming together nicely. I have stayed in the gray, black, and natural family wanting a serene workplace, but I need a accent color. Again the difficulty comes in decisions for me, if it was your office I would say " oh you are such a yellow person, or I see the accent for you as blue". Can't decide for myself..... So I started a little research and look at what I found.

I could stay in just grays, but thinking I will not be happy, I really love color.

I thought about porcelain blue it's is serene but not for me.

I am loving a bit of turquoise.
Maybe I should let all the books, fabrics and my inspiration board be the accent.
Here is that washed wood again. Remember i was going to white wash all the wood walls, well I chickened out, B.C. will be happy. But check out the almost turquoise accents, loving them.
Should my art work be the only color?
or plants and flowers
O.K. I knew I could not survive with out lots of color so it's going to be orange and turquoise, loving it.
A little red is not bad either.
Lime green, not me.

There is that red again, just a touch.
Not looking for this much color.
Again the fabric and work tools are the color. Great look.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Taste of My Own Medicine

What have I done????? Michael came in saying to spike- ship ahoy skipper, all hands on deck. Yes, it looks like battleship gray. Oh no, did I make a mistake, should I stop - and run not walk to the paint store, was I crazy to use this color. I wanted a clean contemporary feel, very serene look to work in. Double trouble because the checkerboard pattern helped to hide the plywood joints, now they are so visible %$***@#!$#%^^&. HELP HELP!!!!!! O.K. take a deep breath and remember what you tell customers. Wait till it is done, you can't judge it now, color is absorbed when the furniture is in place, you are just focusing on it, wait till the accessories are there. So many times I come home and say to B.C. " I can't believe they are doubting me,don't they understand anything about color. I have to hold their hand the entire time. I am so so sorry, now I understand. Well I am taking a bit of my own medicine, but not laying down. Just a little research on gray floors. Not that I am ever wrong ( I hope) .
Originally I wanted dark charcoal floors but felt the black furniture would look better against a mid gray.

I am feeling better already.
Much better

Michael thought we should do a little Jackson Pollock.
Maybe next time
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