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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Taste of My Own Medicine

What have I done????? Michael came in saying to spike- ship ahoy skipper, all hands on deck. Yes, it looks like battleship gray. Oh no, did I make a mistake, should I stop - and run not walk to the paint store, was I crazy to use this color. I wanted a clean contemporary feel, very serene look to work in. Double trouble because the checkerboard pattern helped to hide the plywood joints, now they are so visible %$***@#!$#%^^&. HELP HELP!!!!!! O.K. take a deep breath and remember what you tell customers. Wait till it is done, you can't judge it now, color is absorbed when the furniture is in place, you are just focusing on it, wait till the accessories are there. So many times I come home and say to B.C. " I can't believe they are doubting me,don't they understand anything about color. I have to hold their hand the entire time. I am so so sorry, now I understand. Well I am taking a bit of my own medicine, but not laying down. Just a little research on gray floors. Not that I am ever wrong ( I hope) .
Originally I wanted dark charcoal floors but felt the black furniture would look better against a mid gray.

I am feeling better already.
Much better

Michael thought we should do a little Jackson Pollock.
Maybe next time

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