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Monday, February 21, 2011

Color accent?

I worked very hard this weekend on the studio re-do and I must say I am loving the gray floors. Just look at what I built, a desk, a file cabinet, and bookcases (not shown) I am very proud ! I think it is coming together nicely. I have stayed in the gray, black, and natural family wanting a serene workplace, but I need a accent color. Again the difficulty comes in decisions for me, if it was your office I would say " oh you are such a yellow person, or I see the accent for you as blue". Can't decide for myself..... So I started a little research and look at what I found.

I could stay in just grays, but thinking I will not be happy, I really love color.

I thought about porcelain blue it's is serene but not for me.

I am loving a bit of turquoise.
Maybe I should let all the books, fabrics and my inspiration board be the accent.
Here is that washed wood again. Remember i was going to white wash all the wood walls, well I chickened out, B.C. will be happy. But check out the almost turquoise accents, loving them.
Should my art work be the only color?
or plants and flowers
O.K. I knew I could not survive with out lots of color so it's going to be orange and turquoise, loving it.
A little red is not bad either.
Lime green, not me.

There is that red again, just a touch.
Not looking for this much color.
Again the fabric and work tools are the color. Great look.

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