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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What A Long Day

I have not even started painting yet. I can't imaging where all this stuff came from?????? Do I need 33 paint sticks, or 72 fan brushes. I think I have a small problem with supplies. But it's not all my fault, what do you do with the two drapery rings left from each job. You know you will never use them, and you always order ones slightly different so the odds don't match. How about 1003 cans of paint? Will I need that color for a sample board? Fabric lets talk about the 2000 1 yard pieces left over. Should I go into the pillow business? But it's silk I can't toss it. Then we have the flower arranging inventory, I don't think I am doing any weddings in the near future. But you never know. O.K. I will be ruthless, I will toss things , well at least B.C.'s things.

1 comment:

  1. haha love the B.C comment!!! Now quit playing and taking photos, get that place ready cuz we're SHOPPING TOMORROW!!!! I feel like I am shopping for "your" school supplies and am so excited. You know your daughter loves to be organized :)


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