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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ikea I Love You

I did it with the help of Ikea and Christine,I purchased all I need for the new studio, and I stayed on budget, a first for me. When we were scanning everything (oh yea that's Christine with our two trucks and two carts causing a traffic jam at the checkout) I was scared, thinking why did I have to have nine brush holders, and the two new trash cans were not necessary, did I really need the magnetic board, two bookcases were probably enough, two new rugs well I could still use my old ones, a desk that is ninety eight inches in one direction, oh why did I buy so much!!!!! Christine,lets take some back I wined. Then the total came up and I ran back for more.......

I still need to return for this mirror, have to have it for $99.00, just could not fit any more in the car.

I am so excited it is going to be a great NEW studio!!!!! I kept everything to black, natural wicker , sisal, and chrome, Not sure what accent color I will use. It was a difficult decision not to purchase orange accessories ( I love orange anything) for a punch, especially when I saw the orange mirror. I think I need a quiet space to work right now, serene in feel. I am going to wait till I have it all together then decide what color I will use as an accent. I am usually a red or bright person but lately I am attracted to softer looks. So maybe I will use a pretty soft porcelain blue or blue green color, or natural materials, just not sure. As a designer it is hard to design for myself, I see too much and often want it all. I am going to take one step at a time so I get it right. But I am loving the orange mirror, and I find it hard to see me in a soft space?

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