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Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to Yard Sales

My daughter and I are going to yard sales tomorrow. I gave up on the Saturday rummage a few years back. My house was filled and I was giving more to Good Will than I was keeping. In 2002 B.C. and I would hunt out demolition sales. They were fun but, I still have quite a selection of Victorian window screens that I was going to use as frames. I also have all the very shabby chic bathroom shelves/towel bars with mirrors from an old hotel. I think I was going to hand paint them to sell. Not to mention the old doors for coffee tables etc. etc. etc.. Anyway Saturday mornings are now spent loafing and dallying around. BUT I'M BACK - I miss the coolness of the early mornings and wet grass. You have to be quick the dealers are smart. Scan and grab was my motto. My trained eye maybe a little out of practice but I heard it's like riding a bike. Remember Christine has a whole house to fill.
I promise to post any finds tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I bring large bouquets in for every room. The sent is heavenly.
This is a bedroom in France. Such a simple look but so indulgent.
I think this works because the tables and accessories are modern in feel. Keeps the room from becoming too sweet.
The sophistication of the silk fabric and gray linen are what work here.
I would use Benjamin Moore 1376 Angelina color on these walls. Has a bit of pink in it.
Almost a periwinkle color , try Benjamin Moore 1429 Celestia blue.
You are not sure if this is gray but definitely has a touch of purple Benjamin Moore 1628 comet.
The walls here may be white but I think you could use B.M. 1408 white violet.
I love the washed purple linen on the chairs.
Maybe just a touch of purple flowers.
B.M. 1446 dusk to dawn

" I shall not go to town today, for the lilacs are in bloom" I think that's how the quote goes. I have always wanted to hand paint this above my kitchen window. It was in a old Yankee magazine that I saved or I thought I did till this morning. Any way I took the advice and am working from home today. Maybe it's the drifting lilac sent but I am loving the color lilac or a version of it. Thought it might be fun to look at using the color not as a sweet pastel but as a neutral in living areas.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decorating with Books !

These are really well loved stories.
Put them in bowls.
I am not sure you can judge a book by the color of it's cover ?

How do you know what to read ?

They work in trays.
They work in baskets.

Love using books in every room , but would I pull off the spines so they match ?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Favorite Show Room

I am in love with this fabric, it works on the painted traditional chair and really works with the brown zebra.
Talk about bringing classic design into 2010. The wide stripe is perfect for the settee.
I need to collect room renderings. I think these may be rooms decorated by Mark Hampton.

Not a fan of the bed with wings, saw a few of these ?????
Glass front cabinets were big.
Upholstered bookcases, not sure about this, but pretty.
Plenty of banquet seating shown.
My very favorite bed,( don't tell but may use in the show house.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When I Grow Up

This is the sketch for a mural over a indoor pool. I'm going for the look of the photo below but with more color, and including the red hills of Sedona. There will be three water falls at the base of the mural emptying into the pool.
I am never neat when painting.
Day two of the project. Only a simple outline of the shapes in color.
I really like putting on my music and painting all day. It's a different kind of work.
Day one, and I'll keep you posted.

Last week I was in designer charade, buying furniture, attending cocktail parties and dressing chic. This week I am wearing ripped jeans, climbing scaffolding and painting a 35 foot mural of a sunrise over Sedona. What do I want to be when I grow up?
I read a blog from Elements of Style ( worth looking at ) by Erin Gates last Friday. She spoke of hurdling towards 30 and not knowing what she wanted to be when she grew up. Well Erin I'm pushing 60 ( only 57 ) and I don't have a clue what to be. Last year I decided to pursue my art. I entered five shows and won four. I still can't call myself an artist. I have a successful design business but feel the need to complete yet another show house . Now I'm writing a blog !!!!! I'm the kid who never learned to diagram a sentence. When Sister was teaching English I was trying to master saying the Hail Mary backwards in under thirty seconds. You were right Erin when you say we need to be kinder to ourselves and I will. I do accept all my blessings but at the same time I am accepting who I am. I like a challenge and will probably never sit still. Learning and accomplishing new things makes me feel good. Yes I envy you and all the other young women who have successful blogs ( are there any old blogger's out there) but that keeps me on my toes. Who knows maybe I'll write children's books when I grow up.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lighting Highpoint Market 2010

This is the lamp or two I have to have.

Charlie West and B.C. in the Lee Industries showroom

One of Charlie's lamps
Charlie is always experimenting with colors and glazes.
I really love this shape.

Look at the shapes of the chandeliers not B.C.

Very organic
Many pendants or chandeliers were hanging from just cords, very cool.

I like caging a Crystal chandelier to give it a new life.
Orbs very big.

Vintage bulbs

I would hang this lantern over a washed wood table with dressy linen and organdy slipcovered chairs.

Possibly my favorite market item was a selection of hand made pottery lamps from an artist Charlie West. The style and colors were so current but classic enough to always be in. They were moderate priced and each piece is signed . Charlie does all the lamps himself and his easy welcoming personality shows in each piece of art.
Lighting in general was a fun category to shop this market. The Jamie Young collection was really hot. Industrial style lighting but softer with more style. Many globes sported hand blown glass with a vintage style bulb. Gone were the iron and crystal chandeliers of the past decade. In there place were more organics such as bamboo, capiz shell, jute, wood veneers and pottery. Also organic shapes- orbs, squares, rectangles . Look for lantern style chandeliers in painted finishes in large sizes. Thank God recessed lighting is out, I have never been a fan much prefer the ambiance of low lighting.

Next Blog - My favorite showrooms. ( I could just move in )
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