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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Home Fashion Forcast

That's B.C. grabbing my bag of market information to share.

Lee Industries showing a beautiful selection of linen.
Here is that washed wood look. I do have to say I'm attracted to it.

I love the linen with crystal.

Century Furniture showed a bit more color than most. But still the light solid sofa. These walls were a very gray navy color I would guess Benjamin Moore HC 155. I see a little oriental influence.
Now this is glamour.

Gray walls were seen all over market. I would use Benjamin Moore 1606 cobblestone on the walls and 1609 Temptation on the ceiling.
This is B.C. with a halo because he is getting my wine.

I'm back, and do I have heaps of trends to show and blog about. The Spring Highpoint N.C. furniture market was a success. There was a visible increase in attendance and all had a improved outlook on our economy.
It's a pleasant and fun experience at market - very customer friendly. There was lunch, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and beverages being served in many showrooms. And a transportation system that really worked. Southern hospitality at it's best.
I'll give you a quick over view of the most noticeable trends, then for the next several blogs I'll zero in on the best lines and the worst
I think the most current look ( not a forecast ) in home furnishings was washed wood with linen. Almost all furniture manufactures were showing some version of this. This is the look homeowners want now. Mix it with industrial reproductions ( another big trend ) or for a softer look silver and crystal.
Trends that are dead - hand painted furniture. Not a beautiful refined piece here and there but that awful heavy distressed look. That stuff with the paint slapped on we all loved a few years ago. There were a few showrooms I wanted to take a match to. Another marketing ploy I'm tired of is signature lines by famous people. Jane Seymore should stick to acting and Bob Timberlake retire. Even the Ralph Lauren line was monotonous.
Forecast from the better lines - a return to a new glamour. Upholstery with detailing , nail heads, pleated skirts, flanges ,rolled backs. Softer lines, fabrics with shine and some glitter, softer colors and mirrored furniture. All with a modern feel but not that hard edge contemporary.

Tomorrow - The best in lighting.

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