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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mine or Yours

You can learn this fold by going to ( who else ) type in bunny napkin.

I love the stripe cloth . You could use tulips or any spring flower down the center. Just remember lots of them not just one.
The colors hear are great replace the lilacs with purple hyacinths.
Ribbons and more ribbons, the eggs grouped by color are a statement.
One large bunch of pussy willow, skip the eggs.
Moss down the center. With all this rain I am sure there is plenty.
Think contrast, yellow and navy, White and turquoise, magenta and lime.

We are always busy when a Holiday is close. I have the habit of taking on chores in all the houses we have been working on. I want them perfect before the company and family arrive. I have been known to garden, sweep porches, wash dogs, make beds, organize closets whatever it takes to create the perfect home. I quietly tip toe out hoping when our ( excuse me ) their guest arrive they love it and feel at ease. I want my customers to feel proud, and enjoy their surroundings. That equals a Happy Holiday for them and me too~!

Since I can't come to all your houses a few ideas for a beautiful table. Are the candles lit ?

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