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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sharing our space

I promise that if this was my garden I would be out at dawn, every morning, pulling weeds.
This is prettier than a perennial border.
I love the mix of vegetables and flowers.

Guess who owns this garden ?

Even in the city patio gardens can be fun.

B.C. and I were sitting with a friend just loving this taste of summer ( and having a cocktail ). When our resident bald eagle flew by at eye level about 20 feet away. WOW! I wasn't sure if he was after Spike our Jack Russell, or just giving us a nod that spring is here. Maybe he wanted to remind us that we share this river with other creatures and we all need to be responsible in the care of it. Several years ago I made the decision not to over fertilize or use toxic chemicals on my lawn and gardens. American homeowners apply tens of millions of pounds of fertilizer and pesticides to their lawns. All for ornamentation. We are killing the wildlife and insects, polluting our rivers and who knows what else. With Earth Day next Saturday it's a good time to make a few changes and protect this beautiful world we live in. A great new book The Green Gardener's Guide by Joe Lamp'l is a good start. Grow a garden as a food source, urban dwellers could sign up for a plot at a local community garden. Use mulch and compost to retain water -soaker hoses or drip irrigation use 50% less water than sprinklers. Try and plant native and indigenous plants. They have already adapted to local conditions and require less fertilizer and water.
With all the stress in our daily lives pulling a few weeds or biting into that first red tomato could be as good for us as it is for the earth.


  1. My money is on Spike....
    Just tell him its a Flying Squirrel....

  2. Very well said. Love the gardens, wish I had a greener thumb.


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