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Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to Yard Sales

My daughter and I are going to yard sales tomorrow. I gave up on the Saturday rummage a few years back. My house was filled and I was giving more to Good Will than I was keeping. In 2002 B.C. and I would hunt out demolition sales. They were fun but, I still have quite a selection of Victorian window screens that I was going to use as frames. I also have all the very shabby chic bathroom shelves/towel bars with mirrors from an old hotel. I think I was going to hand paint them to sell. Not to mention the old doors for coffee tables etc. etc. etc.. Anyway Saturday mornings are now spent loafing and dallying around. BUT I'M BACK - I miss the coolness of the early mornings and wet grass. You have to be quick the dealers are smart. Scan and grab was my motto. My trained eye maybe a little out of practice but I heard it's like riding a bike. Remember Christine has a whole house to fill.
I promise to post any finds tomorrow.

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