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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I bring large bouquets in for every room. The sent is heavenly.
This is a bedroom in France. Such a simple look but so indulgent.
I think this works because the tables and accessories are modern in feel. Keeps the room from becoming too sweet.
The sophistication of the silk fabric and gray linen are what work here.
I would use Benjamin Moore 1376 Angelina color on these walls. Has a bit of pink in it.
Almost a periwinkle color , try Benjamin Moore 1429 Celestia blue.
You are not sure if this is gray but definitely has a touch of purple Benjamin Moore 1628 comet.
The walls here may be white but I think you could use B.M. 1408 white violet.
I love the washed purple linen on the chairs.
Maybe just a touch of purple flowers.
B.M. 1446 dusk to dawn

" I shall not go to town today, for the lilacs are in bloom" I think that's how the quote goes. I have always wanted to hand paint this above my kitchen window. It was in a old Yankee magazine that I saved or I thought I did till this morning. Any way I took the advice and am working from home today. Maybe it's the drifting lilac sent but I am loving the color lilac or a version of it. Thought it might be fun to look at using the color not as a sweet pastel but as a neutral in living areas.

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