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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When You Get Limes ; You?

About four years ago I wanted a lemon tree real bad. I had just chain sawed a sixteen foot ficus tree out of my bedroom that had out grown its 36" pot. You have no idea how big a 36" pot is. Completely out of the question to re pot any bigger. I was tired of raking my carpet of leaves every morning so down it came. B.C. and I covered the room with canvas drop cloths and lowered this baby with a series of ropes. Then came the chain saw, I could not listen, I could not see this, I felt like crying all day. After: what a bare room, I missed that tree, what could replace it. Well I had just finished reading Under The Tuscan Sun and Frances Mayes had lemon trees that she moved out side each spring. That's It! I could grow a lemon tree in my greenhouse like bedroom. I could just see myself picking lemons to make Lemon Cello. Chicken Picata, lemon linguine, the possibilities were endless. So excited.... My special number two child Michael got wind of this and presented me on my birthday with a mayers lemon tree. Dreams do come true. So I nursed this tree through blossom drop, white fly, and scale ( mind you I kept the treatments completely organic often picking bugs off by hand) Finally after four years I had fruit. I waited patiently for my lemons to ripen and turn yellow. Weeks went by, they kept getting bigger but stayed green. I kept waiting and waiting thinking lemons will ripen to yellow. Well finally I cut one opened smelled it and screamed "It's a lime #*^^@#*&^& ! "

Next Chapter:
B.C. was making Bloody Marys last night for cocktails and we had no limes, I bet I can help.......

When you get limes you make Bloody Marys

Monday, September 12, 2011

Change That Mantel !

My summer mantel always includes green, produce things, birds and garden books. Everything that speaks summer to me. I light candles all year but on this mantel they must smell like a garden, not to sweet but like the smell after a gentle rain.
Green is cooling to me

But come fall I need to feel warm and cozy. I love the heat of the color orange, and lots of amber light. Candles, feathers, berries and gourds speak autumn.

This is my guardian angel of the pumpkin patch. She is out all year but has a special job watching over my favorite painting of just pumpkins come fall.
When I get to retire I want to live here, in a little cottage by the water.

I know my mantel is a little busy but I'm a busy kind of girl.

Here are a few simpler ideas to to transform yours.

I like the lamps on this one. Mantles always need light or candles to sparkle.
Even black and white speak fall, is that a pumpkin coach

pedestals are great, I used a silver footed dish on mine to elevate a pumpkin. I wish there was light or some sort on this one.

Mirrors are a great source or reflective light, still I think it needs votives.

Books, don't forget the books, my titles always read the season.
Very nice
Love the layering and contrast of dark and light.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Finally Here

How could anyone not love this season. I am so excited to bring Fall into my home, with all the smells and colors. To me it is why I became an interior designer, the need to create a home that felt cozy, comfortable, and secure, all while pleasing the senses. A table set pretty with candlelight and an arrangement of just leaves, a fire going, the smell of Cinnamon. colors to make you feel warm, orange, red, brown, and greens. I am on sensory overload just thinking about it. Lets take this month to make our homes appealing, enticing and maybe later on a bit bewitching for all our love ones.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer is Officially Over

I want to start clean. Maybe it's a throwback to my first day of school. New book bag, new notebooks ( with a promise not to doodle on them ), new shoes, new haircut, and a chance to start fresh. that's what I love about September. I spent some time in the studio today finishing up lots of pesky odds and ends. I want to begin this month with a clean slate, maybe even pick up on a few of my New Years resolutions. I am one of those freaky people who look forward to cooler temperatures and shorter days. Somehow it just seems cozier and less busy than summer. I am not a born organized person, I fight hard to stay on top. But it can be done, and the pleasure of accomplishing your goals makes it worthwhile. So here is to a new notebook tomorrow, and I promise to stay in the lines most of the time....

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