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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artist Denise Landis

I get so excited when my two loves of home interiors and paintings come together. Seeing the work of Denise Landi at Lee Industries showroom inspired me to create, create ,create. Her use of color to bring in light to her paintings and the movement each has in incredible. Her work is available at Lucky Fish Gallery.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sun Is Out

If you have even the slightest touch of ADD you will understand my morning. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement..... I started to write up an order and remembered I needed to give the painter a color. Picked up the phone and saw a note- estimate needed this morning on a decorative painting job. Ran to the computer to write it up and tripped over fabric books. Started to pick up the studio and realized I never gave the upholster the address for a pickup. Ring , ring It is a client asking to be invoiced ( love my customers). Thinking now- I will be in Ventnor I can drop off a plan and estimate if I finish it. Where are the samples for that estimate? Maybe I will pick up the studio so I feel better organized!! Should I start that now or finish selecting fabric for another client so I can order the samples. YIKES!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???? Circles, and circles I was spinning. I took a walk outside and the sun came out. After days and days of rain it was a sweet surprise. I found this tiny little garden snail about four feet up my column. Slow and steady, that's it slow and steady. One job at a time.
My garden loves the rain, the roses are just starting to flourish.
The perennials are so lush even without their flowers.
One of my favorites Bleeding Hearts.
I am growing lettuce, nasturtium, basil, and parsley right on my porch. Just like the restaurant in Phila did. these seeds have come up in less than a week.

I will pick big bunches of peonies today.
The vegetable garden is going wild, Love the colors of cabbage. I would use this as a centerpiece.
See a baby cauliflower
My lunch, the reward for growing it myself.
Now to remember one job at a time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lighting Ideas

I was shopping, ( really just browsing B.C.) yesterday in Anthropology and stopped dead when I saw this simple but fabulous chandelier. It's paper bags, white and brown lunch bags!!!!! What a cool idea. Built around a wire frame with a single bulb. I can see it in a very contemporary loft or eclectic room, or just anywhere. Thanks Anthropology for my wardrobe and lots of fun ideas.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sophisticated Office

Where was Lonny Magazine when I was redoing my studio? I could have used a few of these creative ideas in my space. Don't you just love seeing before and after shots. Makes you think, O.K. my office can look just as good.
I think it's the mirror on the floor that draws you in to this space. Simple idea- just picture the room with out it, not as exciting.

I like the touch of a feminine blue on the windows. Helps to soften the black and white. The painted brick lightens the look while keeping the texture. Check out the layering of art and a mirror, I always forget to try this.
My mind would be clutter free in this space. Well maybe!!!

How about this one, don't you want a large visual board to dream about? I also think painting a eye sore like the door the same color as the wall, helps it to go away.

They are all sort of neutral with pops of color. Yes to orange and yellow. I like the use of three lamps. (Why did I get task lighting)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Color Your Sofa

I am not sure my sofa says any thing about me. It's brown, I am not a brown person, maybe red or orange. It has red and orange pillows, does that count? How about my friend that has three sofas in his living room, one brown, one gold and one red. Is he confused? I do believe that color plays a big part in our personalities, and effects our moods. Just not on the sofa !!! It's a big investment that is meant to last, so I like solid neutral ones that you can dress up as the styles change. My "BROWN" one above sports light aqua and linen pillows in the summer, and orange and red rug pillows come fall. Who knows, I could be a green and gold person in a few years. So I suggest putting your personality into pillows, art, throws, wall colors and your closet. Oh No! my closet does have a lot of browns......

Is your couch red? Then you're probably confident. Yellow? You like to have fun. We wade through the sofa rainbow to find out what your sofa color says about you.

The sofa is the star of most living spaces. But it can be particularly hard to pick since it often speaks to our individual style -- and personality.

But even after you find a style sofa you like, you have to choose a color. What does your sofa color say about you? We consulted the color gurus at Sensational Color to find out what each shade represents, and what the color choice says about you and your home.

Yellow is said to be the happiest color, since it represents optimism and energy. Give your room a burst of sunshine by decorating with a yellow sofa, a surefire way to keep you shining.

It also encourages conversation -- Yellow encourages communication and stimulates mental thought.

And if your living room is dark, yellow will instantly brighten it up. One caveat: You might find it difficult to unwind on a glowing sofa.

Orange is a controversial color in the living room. People tend to love it or hate it. If you love it, you probably appreciate decor that is warm, energetic and fun. If you don't, it may be just a bit too commanding. An orange sofa will conquer the room, so you have to be sure to keep everything else neutral.

Red makes a statement in the living room, but it doesn't feel as overwhelming as orange. The color encourages action and confidence and sets a bold, bright tone. Red is also directly related to energy. If you want a fire-y, vibrant room, then red is for you.

Purple is uplifting and calming, and it invokes spirituality and creativity. While choosing a purple couch is a risk, it can also add just the right touch if chosen in the right hue.

There are many shades of purple -- from lavenders to plums -- that you can tailor the color to fit your living room decor. It can be styled as warm and cozy or cool and soothing. So while it is an out of the box color choice, it's more versatile than you might think.

Pink is a fun, playful color, and a pink sofa will bring an element of whimsy into your home. If used sparingly, in an accent chair or settee, pink can be especially pretty. It can soften up heavy browns, or provide a boho-chic contrast with royal blue or lime greens.

Be careful not to use too much pink, however. The lighthearted, happy color can come across as too playful and girly (or even grandma-ish) if you overdose. And make sure your husband is on board with your pink sofa choice; some men would feel emasculated watching a football game on a pink couch!

Blue is hugely popular in home decor. If you're drawn to blue sofas, it's because the color is known to calm. It also feels more classic, less of a design risk, so traditionalists probably love it most. Men and women are both drawn to blue, so the choice may also create harmony in your home.

Be careful not to use too much blue. It can feel cold. Incorporate several shades -- maybe some patterned throw pillows -- to create a comfortable living space.


Due to its overarching presence in nature, green appeals to those with an appreciation of the natural world, making it an ideal color to bring into your home. Not only is it soothing, but it also promotes harmony.

Try decorating a living room with a green sofa with natural elements, bring in bamboo and wood tones. Just be aware of the overall style you're aiming for -- green can easily turn your room into an earthy hang-out or a 70s Brady Bunch-style family room.

White evokes feelings of cleanliness and purity. If you're drawn to a white sofa, you may be ready for a fresh start, since a white couch is all about new beginnings.

While some may avoid white due to staining, it's easier to clean than you think -- You can bleach out stains without worrying about discoloration! Use white as a decor neutral and throw in any accent colors you wish. Then you won't have to worry about clashing.

sofa colorPhoto: Roche Bobois

The power and command of black is undeniable. If you like black, you are probably drawn to elegance and tradition. In the living room, a black sofa can anchor a room, giving it a strong, classic impression.

Too much black in your space, and you'll feel like you fell into a hole. Be sure to infuse the room with brights and patterns to balance the black.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

I love You Pandora Radio

I may be behind a little in discovering the best the very best radio station. It is yours with only music you like all day long. Just go to and download pure bliss...... You decide who you want to listen to- like your favorite artist, or song, and they play only music similar. You can add other artist till you never want to leave your desk. And it's free!!!! Only a few occasional adds to listen to. Where have I been? I started with Enya this morning "Paint the Sky" then went to Nora Jones, Linda Ronstadt, Melissa Manchaster, (am I showing my age) but a few new artist I never new about emerged. So customers, sorry to say those appointments I have next week, well I think you will have to come here. I am not leaving my studio!
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