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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sun Is Out

If you have even the slightest touch of ADD you will understand my morning. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement..... I started to write up an order and remembered I needed to give the painter a color. Picked up the phone and saw a note- estimate needed this morning on a decorative painting job. Ran to the computer to write it up and tripped over fabric books. Started to pick up the studio and realized I never gave the upholster the address for a pickup. Ring , ring It is a client asking to be invoiced ( love my customers). Thinking now- I will be in Ventnor I can drop off a plan and estimate if I finish it. Where are the samples for that estimate? Maybe I will pick up the studio so I feel better organized!! Should I start that now or finish selecting fabric for another client so I can order the samples. YIKES!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???? Circles, and circles I was spinning. I took a walk outside and the sun came out. After days and days of rain it was a sweet surprise. I found this tiny little garden snail about four feet up my column. Slow and steady, that's it slow and steady. One job at a time.
My garden loves the rain, the roses are just starting to flourish.
The perennials are so lush even without their flowers.
One of my favorites Bleeding Hearts.
I am growing lettuce, nasturtium, basil, and parsley right on my porch. Just like the restaurant in Phila did. these seeds have come up in less than a week.

I will pick big bunches of peonies today.
The vegetable garden is going wild, Love the colors of cabbage. I would use this as a centerpiece.
See a baby cauliflower
My lunch, the reward for growing it myself.
Now to remember one job at a time.

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