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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Official Summer Opening

The Summer has officially started. the annual Bay Fest celebration was Saturday in a sleepy little town called Somers Point N.J.. A place where my children spent there summers growing up. It's kind of a fishing village that has matured lately. Christine and Michael remember summers on the bay beach, afternoons at the small public Library, and Friday nights at Ernie's listening to music and dancing to the sounds of big bands. Yes, it was a step back in time, something I will always be grateful to. Grateful, that I could expose my children to a time and place that was safe, and healthy, to bring a child up in. A place where my children could ride there bikes and fish off the docks till dusk. Only with the sound of me hollering " come home now It's time to go to bed. I can still remember Michael and his friend Tommy fishing from 6 am till 9 pm every day. Or Christine and her friend hiding secert notes in the attic floor. I know my children value the summers spent there as Christine's has a dog named Somers and Michael just got his first apartment in Somers Point. It's a great small town, part of what America has been built on. A town where you start to believe in the values of our country.
Crazy kids
Jason loves us as in laws

A great family day, I love my kids
I am really good at beer pong but I lost here
B.C. wanting to be at the Tiki Bar.

I am not sure who is in wolfs clothing?

They had a petting zoo with a turkey????
The Tiki Bar has officially opened, this is at the dock where B.C. keeps our boat in Somers Point All summer long when I can't find B.C. guess where he is?????? But it's somers point, so it can't be a problem.

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