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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Philadelphia in The Spring

O.K. I live here and I love it. The river brings me so much peace even though I do drive eight miles to buy milk, work endlessly in the yard,and always have some chore to do. It is a very beautiful place. There are not many restaurants in Corbin City, one gas station, and that's about it. But we all make trade offs. I crave the quiet, the wild life and the friends along the river. Somehow it inspires me, makes me a better person. So I give up shopping in cute boutiques close to home, walking to a really fine restaurant, stopping for coffee after a movie. I understand and accept that. BUT sometimes I get the bug and want to live in the city!!!!!! Even for a short time. I had an appointment on Tuesday so my sister Dotty and I decided to have lunch in Washington Square. A spring day on Washington Square is magical. With the trees in bloom and so many people strolling I wanted to be a part of the hustle and bustle. There were people on blankets, cool stylish mothers with cute babies in strollers, people who looked like they were sophisticated and belonged in the city. . Even when I was young and worked in the city I choose the country life. I needed my garden, trees in my yard, and the birds singing when I woke up. I guess that's me, but It doesn't mean I can't live and love the passion some have for this different life. . I saw the passion Tuesday, on a bright spring day.

We tried to have lunch in a little restaurant Tallulah's, boo hiss, they only served dinner. But look at the photos..... Their garden was full of incredible, edible, plants. Lettuce, herbs , naturism and more. Even a country girl could get ideas for her garden. I am surely coming back some evening with B.C..

Don't you just want to pick this, or is that the country girl comming out?

This is Dotty's house when we move here.
This is mine!

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