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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh - No, Not a Designer Show house !

Charleston Symphony Designer Show House : open till April 18Th sponsored by Main Cottage Furniture.
Main Cottage always does such incredible colors. I love the lead glass bookcases.

Talk about making a old house current!
This artist Laurie Hadlock is doing room renderings of the house.

These encaustic paintings are by Gina Adams really fun.

I love Martha Baum's use of color, as an artist I'm jealous.

This artist Catherine Breer is a perfect combination with Main Cottage.

" No , No , I'm not doing a designer show house this summer " I said. So we declined the invitation to review the Show House at the Shore open house last month. Whew- I was safe, a summer to enjoy the river, UNTILL the calls started coming in. Just come an look at it - we saved you a room -the owner said he would provide the furniture- you can't disappoint your fans..... B.C. said it won't hurt to look. Well I should have known better. I am now in love with this 1910 summer home. A mix of cottage and craftsman style with ocean views. After seeing the bedroom with a sleeping porch attached ( they saved for us!!) I started dreaming up plans. A family suite for when the grown children come to visit. Is that an attic/playroom above the porch. Could it have a ship like ladder drop down. Maybe the bedroom is in all white. Could we do the porch like a ship with built in bunks. STOP THINKING; so I began playing with E-Mails, click and the Charleston Symphony Show House opened. The house had the same feel as the 1910 cottage, and look what they did!
Oh, Yea I'm hooked, but best of all if I do it I can blog about it all summer. Who knows?


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