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Friday, April 16, 2010

Just One Painting Please

The painting on the sill is great but look at the silk chair and antique rug. I may be moving around more than paintings this weekend.

The large scale architectural pieces work well also.

Maybe just a mirror ?

I love that this is hung beside the fireplace not over.
Nothing needs to be said here.

As an artist often I notice what's on your walls first. Maybe it's my mood lately but I'm loving a simple uncluttered look with one great painting. It gives the room drama without distraction. Even with the choice of an over scale piece the room seems serene. The art gives the space texture, pattern, color but leaves space for our eyes to rest. Give thought to what you choose. Making sure you connect with the painting ( you know when you love something ) not buying it because it's " in style" or the color works in the room. My house has become just a little busy with the constant addition of my paintings. I do move them around often giving a fresh vision of each, but a total overhaul is needed. I think this weekend ( if it's not too nice out) I'll remove everything off my walls and start with a fresh eye. Then have a really big sale. Anyone interested ?

1 comment:

  1. i guess i'll need to come to your place so as to understand what you go through with this!
    you share some GREAT ideas for decorating and a reminder that always, always, less is more. i'm going to tie a string around my finger so as not to forget that...


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