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Friday, April 2, 2010

The $100.00 Hunt

B.C.( Bill) and I are alone this Easter. It's the In Law's turn for Christine and Jason, and Michael is still living in Costa Rica. ( another blog ; I want to be Michael ) I was planning on a picnic up river for just the two of us. Bill would put our Little john boat in the water and I would pack a wonderful lunch. Wine, Brie, french bread, ham with a grainy mustard ahhhh. I almost felt young and passionate. Then Dotty my sister called; you have to come to have brunch with us at the club, A.K.A. Breakfast with the Bunny. Dotty now has three grandchildren, one just five days old. O.K. I said but do I have to come for the hunt ? Every year Dotty has an egg hunt for her kids. Mind you the youngest is 26. But with a hundred dollar bill inside the egg it's mayhem. If I remember her house was trashed last year. But what are traditions for, My competitive side said yes.

Have a wonderful Holiday.

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