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Saturday, May 1, 2010

YARD SALES - I'm Back !

All of the above was purchased for the staggering amount of $66.00 dollars!!! Yes you read that right.

There are straw marks on the bottom. Yes it's old.
My funky bracelet- I love it .

A sterling and turquoise ring.
Vintage as well as three boxes of new ornaments.
A to die for mirror that we will lacquer in a bright color. (For Christine's house )
My scale, I'm can see it next fall filled with gourds.
Silver mirror tray for Christine's dresser.
A silver bowl not sterling but silver over copper. Again for Christine's table.
My fav. Thinking of filling this with ice and champagne. Christine can I borrow this PLEASE!
Krug- Champagne in French.
Just three single blooms and you have a centerpiece.
Finally for my dresser.
Down to $8.00 for this frame. Maybe a mirror in it?
or a Spike dog.

It was the mother load of all yard sales. B.C. said ," I thought we were getting rid of things"? Oh no, I really needed this old scale, just look at the pumpkin color on it. (I don't think he cares. ) Besides most of it goes to Christine ( the only problem going with your daughter) and that antique frame- you know I sold two last month to customers. At that point I just got the look and he left to work on his boat. It is like riding a bike. I was a little rusty at first, we missed a full fishing tackle box (that would have kept B.C. quiet ) because I hesitated. After that the hunt was on. We wheeled and dealed racing from one sale to another. It was a great time but next week I am leaving at 6 AM

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