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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Tale of Garden Hoe's

Run Peter, Farmer McGregor is in the garden !

Yellow and purple tomatoes -with a little goat cheese and basil this summer.

I had no idea how many peppers there are. I also bought neon eggplants how cool !

It won't be barren for long.

It was a long design day. Our first appointment was at 8 AM the last at 4 PM. One stop was to template a banquette seat, we had built for cushions. I had forgotten how big it was, ran out of paper and had to tape together ad flyer's to finish. Is any designer really organized ? Anyway on the way home B.C. reminded me he had the garden ready and I needed to purchase plants. We always argue about the garden. I want it at least 100 x 100 , centered in the yard, and surrounded by a picket fence . The path leading up to it would have fruit trees on either side. The beds would be raised and have brick paths between them. A herb wheel and bird bath in the center. I imagine myself pulling on wellingtons and selecting dinner from over fifty varieties of heirloom tomatoes and rare vegtables. B.C. reminds me that he is the only one who waters and weeds it, and by August it looks a mess. That's why he has it in the corner of the yard with a chicken wire fence. ( I need a bus to get to it )" Just go get the plants " he said, and remember don't go crazy all we need is Big Boy tomatoes and a few frying peppers. I'm not sure I heard him.

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