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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sneak Peak at Meg Ryan's Retreat

I think what we love about Meg Ryan is her casual attitude. ( check out the shoes )

And then check out the view.
I love the white walls ( did I say the show house walls are white ) and the linen fabrics. An industrial coffee table adds to the look. The chandelier is custom made from O'Lampia Studio
Maybe I will change to blond hair?
I think it adds to the pure feeling leaving the rafters exposed.
Remember the charming Apartment on the upper West Side of Manhattan in You've Got Mail. I wanted to be single and work in New York all over again. My sister has watched this movie at least 100 times.
Kate and Leopold : Only the TV dates this apartment.
French Kiss: A luxurious hotel suite on the Riviera .
In the Land of Women: This is such a classic kitchen with a contemporary twist.
Serious Moonlight
When Harry Met Sally : This Manhattan loft is timeless even if her clothes scream 80's.

Our favorite Hollywood actress Meg Ryan has a great Island retreat on Martha's Vineyard. The look is pared down to keep things as simple as possible. She worked with decorator Marsha Russell of Satinwood but Meg is the visionary on this project. She used a combination of whites from Farrow and Ball on the walls giving the house a purity to it. Her design philosophy is to keep things a simple as possible. Live in a place before making decisions. Meg found the light on Martha's Vineyard so beautiful,that she doesn't have any thing on her walls except a couple of maps. Also the decor should reflect the structure, and look locally for inspiration.

I am not surprised at Meg having a great home. Just look at the charming spaces she occupied in a few of her great movies.

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