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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts

The Gladiator sandals ( size 7 please) and Swaying Hoop earrings ( I love the sound : swaying hoop) are from Anthropologie
So is this incredible cuff bracelet.
Micro climate pants, this style is sooooo flattering to any shape. It gives you a waist.
And the shorts too please.
I love sparkle from J Crew.
This would be the ultimate, and Blue Zat Gems is a bike ride down the street. They sell the most beautiful jewelry from Indian Tribes. " I was a very good Mother"
In case I wasn't as good.

Sunday is mothers Day and we all deserve a gift. Not an IOU, or I am taking you to dinner.( I hate those kind of gifts) I want it in my hand ! Please don't use the line " You are not my Mother, "It's your responsibility, I am the Mother of YOUR children. For Easter B.C. gave me the wonderful gift of having all the flower beds mulched for me. I loved that as my back has been bothering me. It's not done yet and now he is trying to pass it off as a Mother's Day gift. So B.C. here are a few suggestions.

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