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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Decorating Tips

It's OK to skip the sofa, some living rooms are just better for conversation with chairs.

Leave cabinet doors open, an open armoire is more interesting than a closed one. It gives guest a glimpse of your personality.
A touch of gold is gorgeous in any room. A few gold accents really warms up a space.
Don't be afraid of dark walls, they make a room feel bigger.

Layer your lighting, you need ambient light for mood and direct light for reading. I might have been afraid of too many shades in this bedroom but it looks great.
Skirted furniture finishes a room/ too many legs can make a room feel nervous. A skirted piece or two will make it feel grounded.
Pile on the pillows, two looks skimpy. Also a great way to update a room and bring in color.
MY FAVORITE ! Sliding door makeover with wallpaper. ( why didn't I think of that )
Buy a bigger headboard, small scale furniture only makes a small room look smaller. Try a high bed and watch your room grow.
Use a real rug in the bathroom. Right now go throw out that fluffy thing in your powder room.
Switch up your seating, you don't match up all your living room chairs.
Real plants in all rooms. A touch of green goes a long way.

Great decorating tips from House Beautiful. I have picked up a few hints, and they have strengthened a few of my principles.
Pick your paint colors to last. No quick decisions here, paint can be the quickest way to decorate.
Choose mismatched seating in a room. Gives it a decorator look instead of a furniture store look.
Paint your vintage finds, all furniture does not have to be brown. I love a pop of color.
Don't forget lights in a closet.
Most important stay true to yourself, no trends will shine in your home if they don't fit your personality.

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