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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Good Read

Big design in a little space. I really want a chalkboard wall in my kitchen.

When you are using predominately black and white a pop of color is mind blowing.

Great ostrich wallpaper, I have squirrel damask paper that I have been meaning to hang for six years. Now I'm inspired
Michael's room was black and I just painted it coco. ( sorry now )

Can you imagine how this mirror would entertain a baby. ( maybe you could get dressed )

Again that pop of color.

Books in decorating.
I never tire of branches.

Last month I discovered a online magazine - Lonny. It made its debut last fall and is formatted just like a print magazine. You can read all the back issues just as if they were by your bed. You just can't dog ear the pages or rip out articles for your files. It is an exciting and very well presented magazine, full of inspiration for designers and those who love to decorated. I'ts just that I feel like I am working when I read it. I need to touch the paper and physically turn the pages. I have also been known to carry a magazine to the tub ( a big no no with this one ). But Maybe this doesn't have to mean the end of print magazines, just another welcome tool for inside information on decorating the home. I am looking forward to issue five. Check it out yourself -

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