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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am really excited! Three summers ago my sister Dotty and I took a painting workshop on Monhegan Island Maine. There we met a group of wonderful women that we became fast friends with. We spent a glorious week together on Monhegan last summer and plan to do to do same this year. But this weekend they are coming to my house. I am scurrying to plan a great time for all but it ain't been easy. The young boys who were spreading my mulch have not showed up. ( there is 6 yards in my drive ) The man who was going to power wash the green mold off my house pulled his back out. And I have a 35ft. mural to finish!!!!! I am going to remember that they are coming to see me not my house. Cocktails and lots of talk on the porch will fix everything. Who knows we might even paint.
Check out the video of us painting on Monhegan. This Island is a haven for artist and other visitors who appreciate it's isolation and beauty. It is certainly an unhurried place to relax and get in touch with yourself and nature.

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