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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day !

It's so peaceful this morning, I'm glad I stopped to notice.
I never even saw the eggs. I think they are baby wrens.
The roses are early this year.
I have a family of coastal swallows residing here. I waited trying to catch one entering but I do have to work. I could see B.C. watching from the window thinking what the ____ is she doing.
Peonies are stunning.

Had to get up at 6 AM to take B.C. to drop off his car for service. Couldn't help notice when I got back how alive everything was. So I stopped to smell the roses. I have a really busy day: Staging a house for resale by Friday ( and I really mean furnishing ) , Stopping by the show house to check on construction, the demo began in the attic ( what is Painted River putting up there ? ) , Putting the finishing touches on a very successful proposal I presented to a client yesterday. You get the picture. But it only took a moment to walk the yard and really take it in. How many days do we run from the door to the car and not look. Take time Spring comes only once a year.

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