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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wind Song on Wesley Part 1

I want you to remember this shot, when you are gasping as you enter the finished project.
The living room , I think the house has elements of craftsman style.
Dining room
What are they going to do in the basement ?
Believe me this is the kitchen. And we are opening when ?
Beautiful cedar floors
Ta Da : This is our room, starting work already.
And what will Painted River put up there ?
Ocean view from our room.

Every year the Ruth Newman Shapiro cancer and heart fund sponsor a designer show house. Proceeds from the exhibition greatly benefit hospitals and medical centers in the area. This will be Show House at the Shore nineteenth year, but the first in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Wind Song on Wesley, is a charming 4500 hundred sq. ft. dutch colonial home, at 1501 Wesley Avenue in Ocean City.
I am excited to be writing and giving you inside glimpses of the comings and goings of our designers while they renovate and transform this cottage into a showplace. It opens to the public on Saturday, July 10. For more information click on Show House at the Shore. It is a great group of people and a lot of fun, you won't believe what goes on sometimes. B.C. is already whining " this house will never be ready" I hear it every year, but we always make it. I will be reporting every Monday with photos, so stay tuned to see all of us at our best !

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  1. michele,like your blog and your other projects you have done.everything always works out....Windsong on Wesley will


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