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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun Screenprinted Accessories

How cute are these. I need a few totes to carry samples to customers, and a few storage bins for swatches and paint chips, and a few for my laundry room and a few............

This is a organic cotton blanket.

Large tree house storage.
I need a few of the pillows to brighten up my guest room.

And a hobo bag for the summer.

It has been a very crazy week. Yesterday, I furnished an entire house for resale. Pickup truck and off we shopped. I will post pictures of this seven gabled house with amazing ocean views next week. The contractor Debbie ( Yes it is a woman ) saves beautiful older homes , updating them to today's modern living. She is a little crazy calling on Monday to see if we can furnishing her new project by the weekend!!!!! Never underestimate the power of two women - we did it.

On a different note:I came across These really fun hand screen printed storage bins and home accessories. Jenna designs and prints all items in her studio. You can find Jenna's designs on or go to her website I can think of a million uses in my house. The prints are so refreshing all taken from her surroundings. They are all little pieces of art.

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