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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remarkable Renovations

This is the house of Seven Gables saved by Debbi Buchalski
The drapes are not up yet , but can you believe we furnished this in 5 !
The view from where I work, or the house.
How cute is this, and the drapes from Ikea are $4.99 a pack of two !!!!!! Chairs from Pier 1 and ottomans from HomeGoods.
This is Debbi who is Remarkable Renovations. (Yes a woman can be a contractor and be pretty)
The Master Bath, Debbi always does the best.
Debbie and B.C. (should I be worried?) Just check out the Ikea drapes.
This is Mitch, from Mark Arbeit and Co. Realtors, He might be the agent but he is also the best decorator. Remember his home on the blog- We like a challenge. He also is pretty smooth with a broom.
The weathered table is my fav. and the chairs from Pier one.

I wish I had this accent piece from HomeGoods. It is a find!

The other day when I wrote Fun Screen printed Accessories, I mentioned staging a house in a day. Well here is the proof along with the incredible, remarkable, renovation of this older home by Debbi Buchalski. Debbie saves older homes in Ventnor and Atlantic City N.J. Her renovations respect the style and dignity of the of the homes, while creating a modern interior styled for today's living. Debbi called me on Monday and asked if we could furnish a house by Friday. I first thought she was crazy , then I realized its a challenge, and who better to help than Debbie( after all she is remarkable) So off we started on Wednesday around 11:30 and by 5:00 we were done. Our stores of choice were Kensington Furniture, Pier 1, HomeGoods ( of course) ,Ikea, and Marshalls. We had Debbi's daughters pickup truck, my daughter shopping Ikea, and a lot of moxy, but we did a jaw dropping job. Along with accessories from our own homes and the home of Mitch the Realtor- aka the other designer, we staged the house on Friday. It's a beauty with water views from most rooms. Yea, lets just say it's another remarkable renovation.

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  1. Fun day Mike......You need to post the work you did to Debbies Somerset House


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