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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Decorate for Yourself

The before pictures: This is the wall where the fireplace is now.

Where is the dinning area ?
Master bedroom : This closet was turned into a walk in with angled wall for the TV.
A very closed in staircase.
Looking into the Master Bath : The door took up so much space in the bath.

The dark charcoal wall is the art wall with Tec Lighting. The staircase (three stories ) is new it was closed in before. The rug is an antique.

View of the living area. We choose seating that you can really relax in around the table - another glass of wine .
The upholstered furniture is from Lee Industries. We used plantation shutters on the sliders - allows light and privacy,and the owner did not want the fuss of lots of fabric.
The fireplace is new and the mantle is marble from 1920. A window seat gives us media storage and a view of the ocean.
I love the look of the Tec chandelier over the traditional table.
I want to live here.
The breakfast table is a zinc top on a old gear base, it can change from table height to bar height with a few turns. Natural woven shades also let in light while preserving privacy.
That's a new closet we built and angled the wall for the TV.
Lots of new storage, and a sliding door to the bath. The built in's are straight grained maple with black accents.
When the door is closed it looks like part of the built in, and keeps the bath from being crowded. The headboard is angled for comfort if reading in bed.

I think a house tells who you are. It should meet your needs, and those of your family, and reflect your taste and style. As a designer it's my job to see that this happens. I do not decorate in a style - yes I have my favorites and I might try to convince you that a painted ceiling will look great or a turquoise table is just what your living room needs. But my main goal is to create an environment with your personality and style. We are not staging a pretty show house but a home to live in, to celebrate birthdays, graduations, intimate family moments. View your house as a extension of yourself, it does not have to be perfect. It's OK to have 32 pairs of sport shoes in your mud room, you have boys, just corral them. ( the shoes not the boys ) Home fashion is important , keeping your home updated reflects your desire to stay current. That does not mean you ditch the sofa every year or paint your walls all white because Elle Decor say its in. Stay true to yourself, and allow your rooms to grow . New accessories, a change of color, new pillows, or a few new plants. Maybe that old dresser in a bedroom has a new life as a bar in the living room. If your dining room is small, switch it with your living room. If you never use the dining room push the table against a wall and pile up the books. It's now a library. Keep your house alive just don't change who you are.

This project I have been working on speaks for it's self. You can all most feel who lives here. Single professional man, with exquisite taste living alone. He is eclectic, loves Victorian but wants contemporary. He appreciates fine art and collects wine. (we are building the wine room now ) He insist on quality, and prefers natural materials. Dresses impeccably so definitely needed more closet space. The home still needs a few accessories but he wants to collect them on his travels.
So different from my home : it is his home.


  1. Incredible!!!! You are truly talented

  2. wow, I recognize the pillows.... turned out awesome!


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