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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Like a Challenge

The Media room in it's former life as a garage.

Please notice the painting I did of Otto and Dudley on the sofa with the painting behind them ! They are very important family members.

Yep, there are 7,000 plus Cd's in the cabinets
The furniture is from Lee Industries, and Fabric from Lee Jofa.

The Living room before.
The Living Room after. Don't you just love the Bobby McAlpine sofa
That ottoman is covered in a antique rug. That stripe chintz chair keeps the room from being to serious.
Mitch has great taste in lamps and accessories.
The walls are Benjamin Moore's Putnam Ivory A light tan that works with everything. Don't forget a blue ceiling, my favorite. We really used shades of the primaries in this space, Red , Yellow, Blue.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of being invited to design a media room for a Designer's Show House. The owners of this beautiful Georgian style home were very involved in the selection of the decor. They had definite ideas about what they wanted, and were having trouble finding a good match. We presented our plans, and I had a ancient magazine photo to back up my ideas. "Bingo" Mitch had the same one in his file. We were off to a harmonious relationship.
Not only was this old garage a challenge to make livable we had to attractively house 7,000 Cd's, and 1,000 laser disk. A special collection of Marks, and he loved red.
This past fall Mitch and I collaborated on bringing the living room up to standard. Mitch found the fabulous crewel fabric from Stark and the room evolved from there.
This is one great house I am proud to be involved in. (and Bunny Williams would be proud of Mitch and I )

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  1. Michele, you have done a lovely job as always. Bunny Williams would indeed be proud, I know I am!!


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