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Friday, March 12, 2010

Shopping First

Great stuff by Paul : These are child size washstands, imagine them filled with a Boston fern $78.00. Above are my favorite; Sap Buckets to fill with red geraniums and place in a sunny window. $10.00 each !!!!!
Great stuff by Paul ; Pots $48.00 I want to fill them with herbs for my kitchen window
Pottery Barn : Linen pillow $49.00 This is for my bed, my nest
Pottery Barn : Embroidered song bird pillows . $39.00 and I feel like singing
Crate & Barrel : Sedona basket low totes $19.95
Crate & Barrel : Cecelia napkins $16.95 set of 4
Crate & Barrel : Whim plates $2.95 in yellow, green , teal,and orange as shown. This makes me want to have a party, then I really clean my house.
Target : $39.99 Jute rug, great with those bright yellow walls, Laundry or mud room.
Target : $34.99 Sisal rug, it's going in my kitchen

Spring is almost here but we have a long rainy weekend ahead. Saturday should be a perfect day to spring clean and freshen up a tired house. I find an incentive helps me to get moving. A jug of fresh flowers and I'm cleaning my kitchen. A pretty wreath for my door, instantly the windows sparkle and the porch is swept. Baskets to organize my laundry room - you get the idea, I NEED TO SHOP. Found a few items all under a hundred to light a fire under the most apathetic of all of us.

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