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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things are Looking up

For a long time we have neglected ceilings. Pattern on the floor, faux painting on the walls, painted woodwork and white ceilings. They even have a paint named " Ceiling white ". Want a quick pick me up for any room ? Paint the ceiling a color. Light blue creates an atmospheric feeling and the ceiling goes away. Try 2062-70 Harbor Fog or 708 White Rain. Your room will feel bigger. I just love a metallic ceiling in a dinning room, add candlelight and the room shimmers. Benjamin Moore has a great collection of metallics and pearlescent tints. Throw out that old wise tale that a dark ceiling closes a room in. Remember dark recedes. My favorite combo for a boys room is HC-45 Shaker Beige on the walls, with 840 Kensington Blue on the ceiling. Crown moulding helps to define any painted ceiling but you can always bring the ceiling color down about 8 inches on to the walls, instant border. My very favorite decorating tip : Add astragal moulding ( 1 to 2 inch decorative trim molding) about 8 inches in from the crown molding on the ceiling. Paint the crown, the 8 inches in between and the astragal in your trim color, maybe Linen White. Paint the ceiling 2 shades lighter or darker than the walls. Instant drama , a tray ceiling effect.

All paints mentioned are from Benjamin Moore Paints , Rooms pictured by Painted River Studios

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