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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Murals and Divine Intervention

In a wine room. By P.R.S.
Fun for a children's bath. By P.R.S.
This teen wanted a brick wall to write graffiti on. By P.R.S.
Create Panels. By P.R.S.

Landscape Mural By P.R.S.
I am in love with this look. Can I paint it for anyone?

I could paint this mural of trees for you also.
Traditional look

Blow up a photo.
Vinyl decals , they look great.

A business woman looking for a muralist contacted me yesterday, or should I say tracked me down . She picked up a newspaper in a coffee shop and read a article written about us and our murals. WHAT, THAT NEWSPAPER WAS FROM MAY 24 2002 !!!!!!! Do coffee shops keep newspapers for 8 years ? Divine Intervention ; I would like to think so. Any way it's a great commercial job and I am meeting with her today. Under the circumstances I think I had better write about murals. Murals in a home can create the illusion of space, brighten up a dark area or bring some amusement to a home. You can use a traditional landscape to a modern approach of a underwater scene. If hiring an artist , ( me ) (this can often be less than wallpapering a room ) is not in your budget, Look what I found on Vinyl decals of trees. I love the look.


  1. I love all your decorating. Have you used putnam ivory in anything else you've done. I have just a regular track home that is labled "northern europian" floors are dark wood and a bit of carpet on stairs in rum gold(looks like a jute rug only more gold). I need help. I can't decide on a color for most of the house.

  2. I use Putnam ivory a lot but another even easier color that goes with everything is Shaker beige Benjamin Moore HC-45 It's a good choice for large areas.


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