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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dream on !

Give me that pantry ! But I'll keep this view.

My problem is eating too much.
Her towels are embroidered.

They design and make the fabric flowers.

I can't get Bill outside under 60 degrees.

I am new to this blogging thing and I have to say a little insecure. Most bloggers are 30 something, computer savvy, and their audience the same. I have been searching other sites to see what is attractive to their readers. Is it pictures, new products, trends, heartfelt stories, or just chatter. Well I hit the jackpot ! While searching Elements of spot ( which is so great on its own ) Erin Gates told of another fabulous couple and their blog Emerson made. This really cute pair opted to leave the rat race and do their own thing in the country. Their fabulous house ( which they restored ) is shown. They have their own business that they run on the property, and she is launching her own clothing line. BUT THAT PANTRY !!!!!!!
I can handle everything else . We left the Washington D.C. rat race 9 years ago and purchased a great house on a river. Yes we drive 8 miles for milk, but we have super neighbors to borrow from . We run our own company and march to our own drum. Guess what, it works ! The best part ; Friday night cocktails on the porch, or summer booze cruises up the river. Maybe I just like lingering over morning coffee a little longer. The worst ; working seven days a week, day and night when your busy, and sometimes spending every second with your husband. ( not much left for dinner conversation ) But it all levels out. So I say to everyone that has a dream GO FOR IT . but please don't have such a neat pantry - that I'm jealous of -

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