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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whats on Your wall ?

I love the mirror niche with a painting hung.
This room has it all . Color, texture, a mix of style and they layered the art .
Just write on the wall.

These would make a statement.

The frame is just hanging over the map, WOW !
What are these ? But I love the look.
Ceiling rosettes ?
Hang your kid's art.


What is on the wall is probably one of the biggest mistakes people make. To small, hung to high, framed poorly, to crowded etc. etc. etc. Also get rid of the notion it has to be original art. Mirrors, baskets, collections all can be fun on your walls. Think out of the box. I love oversize paintings or posters, just make sure you give them room to breath. If you are creating a grouping have the bottom row level . It's easier on the eye. All art does not not have to be hung at eye level. That pretty little landscape hung to the side of your chest is a nice surprise. Do what is pleasing to you. Please don't ask someone if this art is good. If you love it and feel it, it's right for you.

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