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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Avatar The Movie

I am no movie critic, in fact I hardly ever go to the movies. The hype about Avatar had me going. It took me weeks of begging Bill to see this flick and Saturday night was the big event. Even our neighbors decided to join us. I was so excited. During the movie I kept telling myself this is great. Look at the special effects and how wonderful they are. Stop thinking about the frosted mug of beer at Outback after, enjoy the movie. Hmm, as I exited the movie I realized it was like watching a video game. Visually it was fantastic but there was nothing new in the story. I think it was a little hokey. Thank God it had a happy ending , and the Prince got the Princess or I would have been very sad. I heard this movie had a message of a green earth and anti war. All I saw was violence and killing. I think I'll stick to the Sound Of Music.

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