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Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out ?

Happy Birthday to Tatie, Happy Birthday to Tatie, Happy Birthday dear Tatie ,Happy Birthday to you.
Show House at the Shore : 2005
A room I completed last fall. More tomorrow on this beautiful home with before and after pics. This is Otto
My painting of Spike
A customers Great Dane Tonka ( and one of my favorite paintings.)

Picked up traditional Home April issue and the back cover was one of those upside down magazines " Pet Tails ". Another major magazine a month or so ago was devoted to dogs in home photo shoots. O. K. O. K. I get it we love our dogs. I did a designer show house four years ago , theme was an artist studio and she only painted dogs. I must have been premature because it's the only year I did not win best of show. Still I could not resist posting my very talented Jack Russel , Pounding out Happy Birthday to Tatie. I discovered Tatie while searching the blog . He belongs to Hidden Kitchen in Paris which is a sort of underground restaurant. They are throwing a Birthday party for him and you must ware black and white. I love this. Spikes Birthday is in July maybe a musical theme.

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  1. This is a fun peek into your world. I think you are doing a wonderful and entertaining job with your blog. Your talent is unbelieveable. You mention you are in love with the showhouse for 2010-what does that mean?? Terry C.


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