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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspiring Workplace

Even Spike has outgrown his crib.
MY STUDIO: I should be embarrassed to show you this! is that an elliptical ?

How dated is this furniture?An organized desk an organized mind ?
If I get one more fabric book #*!#*!
Not a bad view.
MY INSPIRATION- LOOK, white washed wood.
This house by designers Harriet Maxwell MacDonald and Andrew Corrie in House Beautiful
I want my wood " soft and romantic "

I, am in a funk !!! Yesterday I started feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I do too much; interior design, murals, commission paintings and now a blog. But I like being busy, accomplishing things energizes me. So what's wrong? All I had to do is look up at my dated surroundings. In the insanity of completing show houses, participating in art shows and completing the homes of all my wonderful customers I have neglected my own home and workplace. Next to my house I have a great studio. It has a view of the river a small kitchen and bath. It is a wonderful place to work but I feel like I'm in a western saloon. The furniture is left over from a rental we owned. The floor ( it was a good idea 9 years ago ) is brown and cream check. The walls ruff cut pine boards. " Yee Haw " I need to practice what I preach. The energy of the universe answered me. I picked up the new issue of House Beautiful magazine and found my answer. " The New Look of Wood natural, light, relaxed. White Washed is a beautiful word and I do faux finishes. I will use a soft color and wash the pine walls ( don't tell Bill ) the floor will be enameled in a charcoal gray. I am heading to the furniture market in High Point N.C. next month, so I'm thinking Linen slip covered sofa and chairs from Lee Industries . O. K. the funk is gone and I am pumped.
Bill and I have had the good fortune to live our dream and run a business in this magical ,beautiful location on the Tuckahoe River for 9 years now. It's time I live up to the spirit and mood of this home. Promise to keep you posted.


  1. The picture of Spike would make a great oil painting!

  2. That last shot looks like such a nice place to warm up after a day of skiing!

  3. I love the pics of the the studio! Brings back great memories, I remember the first time I went there I saw that INCREDIBLE mural of the world you did layed out on the floor! I just starred at it for about half hour in awe! I said to Mike - "I HAVE to meet your mom! She is amazing!" I loved going in there and seeing new masterpieces every time...If you remodel I know you'll do a great job! Obviously! I can't wait to see!!!!
    <3 Laura
    P.S. I finally figured out how to subscribe to your blog!!!!


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