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Monday, March 8, 2010

Strong Creative Women

Mondays for a few weeks will be about strong creative women. These women have helped me define who I am, and where I want to go. Through their writings and examples I have been able to draw strength to live my passion. These women give me the energy and direction to keep going.

Number one on my list is my Mom. I am sure my decorating sense comes from her. Back in the mid 40's she was painting her walls Monterey Red and covering everything in Dorothy Draper (Prima Donna of the decorating business ) rhododendron fabric . More important I learned a beautiful home did not result from money, but creativity and hard work. When she realized she could only afford a few yards of this beautiful fabric, there was no second choice. Mom cut out the flowers and hand appliqued them onto cream silk. They were then sewed into drapes. The silk was from a salvaged parachute my Dad had acquired. When the living room called for an oriental rug she found one on the trash. Yes it had a worn spot that was quickly cut out and the rug was bound with used mens' ties. Talk about re-cycling. I guess I caught the bug for often I was caught painting flowers on my walls or painting chestnut woodwork hot pink. Thanks Mom, because of you I am not afraid to paint on walls and I am happy being myself.

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