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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Hip - Create Table Displays

Subj: Decorating class at your local Pottery Barn Store, Oh No I thought, just what decorators need. This store has singularly changed the way anyone under 40 and some over ( me ) decorate. You don't need a designer, just pick up a free catalog. Your rooms will be expertly changed into a comfortable living atmosphere. Friends will be coming by for dinner. How can you not be on time for every appointment after you purchase the Daily Organizing System. Then you will have time to throw that carefree garden party. Expecting a precious bundle ? A click of a finger and their world is created. I don't think I have designed a teens room that I'm not handed a well worn PB Teen catalog with wall colors listed. Most of this generation no longer collects or wants their grandmothers dishes, or any other collectibles. They use it, tire of it, than toss it, but not till the new spring line is in at PB. But a class on creating table displays - Where do I sign up.

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