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Monday, February 7, 2011

How To Change a Wall Unit

Our customer moved into a new home and the master bedroom wall unit was a little too stark for her traditional decor. So we painted ( we are Painted River Studios) .
We are changing the hardware , it's just not in yet.
It's a pretty easy process

#1 Prime entire piece in a good primer tinted a chocolate brown
#2 Using a wax candle rub areas you want to look worn, like corners, around handles etc. Be careful to stay with the wood grain and not scribble. This will prevent the top coat from adhering in the areas waxed, and the brown will show through.
#3 Top coat in an light cream eggshell finish. You may need two coats.
#4 Sand off the waxed areas to expose the brown under coat.
#5 Stencil or hand paint a design with acrylic paints.
#6 Faux glaze entire piece using a latex glazing medium tinted with a warm brown acrylic paint.

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