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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If You Are Wondering About V Day ?

I am imagining walking down the sunlight dappled path of fruit trees to my lush garden. An orchard that's what I want for Valentines Day. Don't get me flowers that die in a few days, give me an apple tree that will keep on giving . I will make apple pies, apple cake, apple fritters, apple sauce, we can have organic apples right in our own yard. Should we form a path with different fruit trees, pear, cherry an assortment of apple ?

But I don't think I would mind a scarf from J Crew
or this cuff bracelet from Anthropology
how about these cute sandals
A strawberry weave hobo bag ?
I do need a cherry trim bag.
If you want you could give me pretty heart soaps with a gift certificate to a spa.
Painted french flowers vases filled with flowers or maybe a FRUIT TREE !

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