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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Studio is Finished

When B.C. left for fishing last week the studio looked like this. Well, welcome home B.C. (on my new blackboard wall)
Mr. and Mrs Russell, my first customers in the NEW studio. They were looking for a cozy room that they could feel free to jump around in. I think we can help.
TA DA !!!!!! he was speechless, I could see $$$$$ going on in his head. Remember Ikea and only $802.00 a miracle.

It is still a working studio so I need a painting corner.
The next step will be a new sofa and chairs from Lee, maybe in a linen. But for now I just removed the slipcovers, gave it a more contemporary feel.

Now I can paint up a storm. I love the storage bins that hang from rods, holds all my brushes, pencils, erasers,etc. etc. etc..
I hope B.C. does not mind sitting next to me. The floor plan did not work well with two desk areas.

Now my customers can have a seat and I can present without climbing all over the floor.
There are still lots of things to tweak, but I am pleased, just hope B.C. will start talking.

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